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Baltimore Dogworks is dedicated to reliable training, helping dogs with significant behavioral problems, and the leash free lifestyle.


Baltimore Dogworks opened in 2015 when trainers Nate Czarnota, and Gretchen Zwerlein wanted to offer training that provided traditional sensibility and reliability, combined with the newest advances in (real) scientific applied behavior analysis. This combination of old school flavor and new school rules has been helping clients in the Baltimore metropolitan area ever since. From early puppy imprinting and socialization to rescues in need of serious behavioral rehabilitation, Baltimore Dogworks provides reliable training instruction every step of the way.



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Every dog is an individual. But every dog is still a dog. Our training works for every dog and owner, provided they put in the time and effort, because it is systematic and therefore easy to follow while also being flexible enough to accommodate the individual personalities/motivations/quirks of each dog. We do not "spot treat" behavior problems. Every dog goes through the same training. We find that most behavior problems resolve themselves this way since they were due simply to the dog's lack of education, and owners lack of effective communication and consistency in expectations. When we reach the conclusion of our training, any behavioral concerns that still exist will be addressed as needed.

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