Nate Czarnota

I have had a lifelong love of dogs and began my training journey in 2012 the shelter and rescue system working with some of the most unfortunate cases in Baltimore City. I currently live in Baltimore with my three dogs Marc, Czar, and Anja. 

I spent a few years working for another training company while continuing my education with trainers across the country. In 2015 I opened Baltimore Dogworks, LLC and we quickly because a local favorite due to our ability to work with tough behavioral cases, provide honest feedback and information, and apply various training modalities tactfully and intelligently.

My current areas of interest are versatile hunting dog training, and applying working dog training concepts to companion dog training.

Memberships, Awards & Titles

Photo Credit:  tPoz Photography

Photo Credit: tPoz Photography


Gretchen Zwerlein

Dogs have been a part of my life since I can remember. My first dog, a Brittany named Becky, was a gift from my parents for my 3rd birthday. From that point on I have always felt a connection with dogs. In my 20s I had a boxer named Tela who inspired me to learn more about canine behavior. Since her passing I have added three canine members to my family as well as many foster dogs who have ‘vacationed’ with me before finding their forever homes.

Having the opportunity to work with and learn from other trainers near and far has given me a well-rounded perspective on training and behavior. My passion lies with puppies and helping clients to connect and communicate with their dog right from the start. The ability to take advantage of optimal learning opportunities during the critical developmental periods, before certain behaviors have a chance to manifest into problems, is priceless.

I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (A 5921) and have volunteered with local rescue groups. Additionally I am certified in Dog First Aid from the American Red Cross. Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you soon!