Dog Training ServicEs

Dog Behavior Crash Course

Our Dog Behavior Crash Course provides you with everything you need to communicate clearly with your dog and to see rapid resolution to problem behaviors. The first portion of the consultation covers discussion of your lifestyle and desires as they relate to your dog, and a lesson on how dogs learn, what motivates their behavior, and how to clearly communicate with them. We also cover reading your dog. Though they may not speak to you, that doesn't mean they aren't communicating in other ways. 

We will then apply those fundamentals of learning and behavior to address your specific concerns or areas of interest. During this time we teach you, in real time, how to interact with your dog so that you get better behavior from them, and assist you with working through any factors you may be contributing to their behavior. It's important that both you and your dog learn to trust and understand one another and that often requires commitment to change at both ends of the leash. 

Afterwards, we provide follow up support via email and phone for 30 days to make sure that you continue to make progress. Follow up in home sessions are available at a reduced rate. Dogs with human aggression are not eligible for this training option.

You come to us - $349

Three 1-hour sessions. One handler required for each dog participating.

In your home - $349

One 3-hour session. We work as many of the dogs in your household as you would like during this time. Additional travel fees may apply outside of the Baltimore, MD area.

One-On-One Training

Core - $629

Companion - $1129

Group Classes

Citizen Canine - $169

Community Canine - $169

Companion Canine - $169

Continuing Education

Drop In Practice

Social Skills