Puppy Training Programs


FOR PUPPIES UNDER 14 WEEKS: Classes start at $280 for 4 private sessions for dogs under 14 weeks old at the time of the first session. Continuation of sessions are available as well for those that want to move into the Grade School training. This program includes required professional equipment (6' leash, 15' leash, training collar, clicker), and access to our online training guide.

Grade School

FOR PUPPIES BETWEEN 14 - 20 WEEKS OLD: Classes start at $380 for 5 private sessions for dogs between 14 and 20 weeks old at the time of the first session, pricing and number of sessions will be determined by your trainer. This program includes required professional equipment (6' leash, 15' leash, training collar, clicker), and access to our online training guide.

Boarding School

Let us help take the edge of the puppy stages that can be difficult to manage for busy families. Crate training, house breaking (elimination schedule), socialization, manners, and more! Puppy Boarding School starts at $1250 for two weeks, additional weeks/costs may apply depending on your dog's age and needs. Your trainer will discuss this in more detail with you. This is available for puppies as young as 8 weeks old.

Home School

We come to you for a session or two! This is a great option for those who have not had a dog before and/or need some guidance when it comes to setting up the dog's crate (location, size, etc), applying leash and collar management to help with the learning process, creating a routine that works for you and the dog including feeding, play, bathroom breaks, and relaxation time. A crash course in how to create behaviors that you want, and how to address common issues like chewing, jumping, and barking. Home School starts at $215; equipment included, additional travel fee may apply.


Clients who begin training with us when their dog is in the Kindergarten age range are offered discounted training options for the rest of the dog's life. The benefits that come from early puppy training is so important to us that we want to reward you for your efforts!

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"I can’t say enough great things about the Puppy program at Baltimore Dogworks. When I adopted Blair as a 4 month old puppy, Baltimore Dogworks was recommended by the rescue. I was skeptical at first because of past experiences I’ve had with dog trainers; paying a lot of money for cookie cutter recommendations.

From the first meeting I had with Gretchen, I knew this place was different. They provided a living training plan to follow based on their hands-on work with my puppy and were always confident with their instructions. In addition, Blair was socialized with their own well-trained dogs, something I couldn’t safely do at the dog park or doggy daycare.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot of work, and if I didn’t put in the time between sessions, they could tell. Blair’s well-being was their #1 priority and I appreciated their honesty. I constantly get comments on how well-behaved she is, proof to me that their methods work.

Blair now enjoys Baltimore Dogworks group classes, the next step after the Puppy program. Thank you Gretchen and Nate! Blair wouldn’t be where she is now without you."

-Amanda and Blair

Follow Up: Amanda and Blair have since earned the AKC CGC title as well as CGC-A!

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppies can be a joy...and a handful. Luckily we can help you make the most of the early stages in your dog's life and set you up for an enjoyable relationship.

The majority of issues we see in adult dogs are a result of the lack of creating an appropriate foundation during the critical development period that takes place from birth through about 14 weeks of age.  Make sure you start off on the right foot and give your puppy the best foundation possible.  Nothing, even the best training, can replace appropriate exposure, handling, structure, and communication during this critical development period. Contact us now to get started on the right path!

Photo credit:   tPoz Photography

Photo credit: tPoz Photography

Because puppies go through many different developmental phases, puppy training is offered through private sessions for dogs up to 20 weeks old. Your training with us will be tailored to the specific developmental period(s) that your pup is experiencing in addition to what is most appropriate for them.

Socialization with other puppies and adult dogs is carefully constructed so the puppies learn appropriate communication skills through their interactions. We often initiate group play sessions with private puppy clients whose dogs are appropriate matches. Even more importantly we have a number of mature adult dogs who act as role models and teachers to the puppies. The opportunity for your puppy to learn from stable adult dogs is one that can not be replicated by humans!

So what does this all mean for you and your puppy? It means, start training now! It's an investment in your relationship that will provide dividends for the life of your dog.

Puppy Kindergarten:

  • Private Sessions

  • Communication & Cooperation

  • Proper Socialization, Discovery Learning & Novel Experiences

  • Calming and Impulse Control

  • Physical Handling & Bite Inhibition

  • Crate Training & Housebreaking

  • Basic Obedience Intro & Manners

  • Attention & Patience

Puppy Grade School:

  • Private Sessions

  • Topics listed in Puppy Kindergarten

  • Basic Obedience Introduction - Loose leash walking, here, sit, down, kennel/stay, stand

Puppy Boarding School:

  • Boarding and training for two or more weeks

  • Includes private sessions to teach you how to teach your dog and continue to work on his/her newly acquired skills.

  • All topics listed above

  • House manners

  • Patterning daily structure and routine

Home School:

  • Planning and implementation of routines

  • Use of proper crate, leash and collar management, and other tools to help during the learning process

  • Address common behavior issues, including house breaking, crating, chewing, jumping and barking

  • Introduce acceptable behaviors as well as how to teach them to your dog

Included with all programs is an online training and reference guide with written and video instructions as well as professional equipment. We also offer continued training incentives for those that begin training with us during puppy-hood. We truly want to see you and your dog grow as companions, and we can help you do that by showing you how to clearly communicate. The earlier you start training with us, the greater the incentives!

Most sessions take place in and around the Catonsville/Arbutus area, about 15 minutes outside of Baltimore City! 

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"I could not be happier with my decision to have my puppy training with Gretchen at Baltimore Dog Works.

I was referred to her and their program and from the very first phone call they took the time to get to know me, my interests, my family, and my new puppy.

They have NEVER given me a student ID number. Every time I email or call on the phone they know me by my name. As staff and as my mentors they are encouraging, motivating, completely knowledgeable, helpful and always available for anything I need, If I call they answer and I’ve talked on the phone with her many times and got all the answers and advise I need to train my puppy. I was given links to videos as well.

They are genuinely there for their clients and completely invested in our success.

Anytime I call, text or email I get a response immediately. She is AWESOME!

We started in their private kindergarten class and requested a small group class for our puppy and 1 of her litter mates. This was great and helped us to really keep our puppy on track. She is so well behaved and greatly trained at 4 months. I can't wait for the larger group classes to start and to continue to the next levels.

Again I literally do not have one bad comment or even a criticism for anything about Gretchen or Baltimore Dog Works.

This school is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to have their puppy months be a fun and wonderful experience."

Tracey & Maggie

Follow up: Tracey and Maggie earned the AKC CGC title at only 6 months old, August 2017!

Photo credit:  TPoz Photography

Photo credit: TPoz Photography