Real Life Obedience Uses

Behavior is what a dog Does, Obedience is what a dog Knows.

We use obedience to drive behavior. 


Everyday opportunities to use your dog's obedience:

It's important to realize that you don't need formal training sessions to work on these valuable behaviors with your dog. Simply put it to use by intertwining it into your daily lives!

  • Cleaning up after your pet: Sit/Stay (no worries of stepping in or pulling you through the mess)
  • Entering the crate: Kennel (conflict free)
  • Exiting the crate: Here (controlled exit)
  • Doorbell rings: Kennel or Stays, or Crate (no rushing the door/guests!)
  • Dinnertime for humans: Down Stay or Kennel (no begging!)
  • Greeting people: Sit Stay (no jumping!)
  • Moving past dogs or other distractions: Heel
  • Redirecting: Here (with the dog's back to the distraction)
  • Walk: Heel to bathroom spot > 'OK' release > after the dog eliminates then continue on your walk in a Heel. Release the dog 'OK' to sniff, explore, etc, then back to Heel. Toggle between the two. 

Of course there are countless other applications, but these are some of the most common ones!

And remember, if you don't use it you lose continuing to use what your dog knows in your daily routine will keep him (and you!) on point.