Handling, Restraint, and Tethering

Throughout this course and afterwards you should be working with your dog on restraint exercise such as Leash and Collar Management protocols, tethering, Sit on the Dog, restraint holds (depending on the size of the dog), physical handling and grooming.

Impulse Control

Creating patience in your dog requires patience on our end. Delayed gratification, attrition, leash and collar management, and structured games are some ways to work on this skill.

Handling: Physical / Veterinary / Grooming 

Physical Handling video 1 

Physical Handling Video - Remi handled by owner

Physical Handing Video LK9 Bernie

Physical Handling Video LK9 Roman

Restraint Holds

By working on physically restraining our puppies in specific ways while they're still small we can work on coping skills, cooperation, acceptance. We use the following holds: Football hold (under the arm), Vet hold (left arm under the neck, right arm over the torso), Supine hold (dog is held on it's back, belly up, along your legs; be sure to be sitting somewhere with back support.)

'Sit On The Dog' 

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Another way to limit your puppy's options and help control what and where they can access things, is to tether them. A tether will create a space that your puppy is confined to, but without physical boundaries like a crate has.  This helps prepare your puppy to behave a certain way when out of the crate. There is a time and place for everything, and this helps set the tone. A few key things to note:

  • Your puppy must be supervised (do not leave your puppy unattended while tethered)
  • The tether must be attached to something sturdy and safe that can't fall on them, or they can't fall off of, etc. 
  • The length of the tether should only be a few feet to keep them from launching and lunging, which helps them attain calm more quickly
  • Chain link is recommended over fabric leashes which will likely get chewed
  • The puppy should not be imposed upon while restricted to a tether by people or other pets
  • Once calm, supply pacification toys for your puppy to enjoy while being restricted to the area
  • You can have a mat, cot, dog bed, etc. for the puppy to access in that area
  • Remember only to release the puppy, calmly, from the tether when they are relaxed, do not release when excited, etc. This is critical! Do not create excitement either. 

Video Playlist: Tethering

VIDEO - BART PUPPY - Restraint, Tethering, SOTD, Leash Management