Electives and Special Topics

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Special Topics Group Classes

These courses offer structured curriculum with a set schedule and daily homework requirements. Each course focuses on a specific tool or training modality. Prerequisites vary based on course content.

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Drop In Group Sessions

Drop In group sessions are offered on a regular basis and do not have a structured curriculum. This means that past and current clients can simply sign up whenever they would like to attend with no long term commitment or homework expectations other than maintaining the minimum required levels of training for the given class.

Open Practice

These sessions provide the ability to proof obedience training in a controlled environment. Clients should come with a training plan. Trainers and other clients will be present to assist in training exercises. This class is “pay what you want”.

Prerequisite: UKC SPOT

Social Skills

These sessions help dogs learn to be polite and comfortable while interacting with other dogs in a controlled off leash environment.

Prerequisite: UKC SPOT

Trial Prep

These sessions provide guidance in preparation for obedience trials. Offered in conjunction with SMYD.

Prerequisite: UKC SPOT

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Real World Practice Sessions

Real World Practice sessions afford clients the opportunity to work and play with their dogs in real life scenarios under the guidance of their trainer. This provides an added level of education, safety, and advocacy as clients move from controlled training environments to more unpredictable real world scenarios.

Off Leash Adventure

These sessions allow clients and their dogs to enjoy off leash time in fields, forests, and water. We discuss safety considerations and other helpful information pertaining to such activities.

Prerequisite: UKC SPOT + Remote Collar Conditioning + Instructor Permission

Street Cred

These sessions allow clients to participate in pack walks through Baltimore neighborhoods. We assist clients in troubleshooting behavior concerns common to walks and other activities that commonly take place is such environments.

Prerequisite: UKC SPOT + Instructor Permission

Pub Dog

These sessions allow clients to participate in dining and bar experiences where dogs are allowed. We provide advice to clients on situational awareness and advocacy for their companions as they encounter other dogs and people in such environments.

Prerequisite: UKC SPOT + Instructor Permission