Dog Training Programs

Whether you are being proactive in continuing your dog’s development where puppy training left off, getting started with a new-to-you adult dog, or need help addressing serious behavioral concerns. You will find every training program we offer to be balanced, thoughtful, and effective.

We offer private and group options for new clients to begin their training journey with us. Please understand that we consider training to be a lifelong endeavor and we hope that you do as well. Many clients are happy (and we resolve most behavior problems) with just these minimum levels of training, but we do hope to inspire you to do more with your dog once you see how capable they (and you!) are with the right tools, techniques, and information!

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Private Sessions

In-home and on site options for you and your training to work one on one. Customize your training program or complete any of our standard curriculum offerings in a format that allows for individualized attention. As a bonus, our group class guarantees apply when you pursue standard curriculum in private lesson format.

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Group Classes

Reliable obedience training, including problem solving, with guaranteed results. A methodical, step-by-step approach that provides you and your dog with a shared language and sense of responsibility to one another that forms the basis for any other adventures you can imagine. We welcome “problem dogs” in our group classes.