In home Behavior Counseling

Our in-home, behavioral counseling provides dog owners with important information and skills to foster a mutually respectful relationship with their dogs. Follow up appointments are available for ongoing assistance and support. 

Initial Consultation


Our 2 - 3 hour initial consultation provides owners with important fundamental information:

  • How dogs learn
  • What motivates dog behavior
  • How your behavior and the environment play a role in your dog's behavior
  • Appropriate application of science based training principles
  • The fundamental requirements for any successful treatment plan (that most dog trainers get wrong!)

Utilizing this information we are able to help dog owners resolve all manner of behavioral concerns, often in a single session.

Follow Up Lessons


Some clients like us to come out from time to time for a "tune up" or to teach additional skills. Hourly follow up sessions are available after completion of an initial consultation.

Group Training

Our group classes are skill based training classes with structured curricula. Each group class teaches a defined set of skills and includes a graduation exam that must be passed in order to move forward in the curriculum. All of our structured curriculum group classes include:

  • Any required equipment
  • Online access to your trainer(s) between classes
  • Online training materials including written and video instruction
  • Guaranteed results (free re-enrollment if you need more help to pass the class)

Citizen Canine


Our introductory group class teaches the following skills to you:

  • How dogs learn
  • What motivates dog behavior
  • How to apply science-based training principles
  • Proper leash handling
  • Proper physical handling techniques

And the following skills to your dog:

  • Basic obedience (sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, heeling)
  • Polite greetings with people
  • Calm behavior around other dogs
  • Good behavior at the vet/groomer

We use the AKC Canine Good Citizen Exam as independent, third party, objective testing to verify our training works as advertised.

Upon completion of the Citizen Canine group class, clients are able to progress through additional classes that teach off leash reliability and advanced skill such as directed movement and retrieving. 

Completion of the Citizen Canine group class also allows owners and their dogs to participate in our drop in classes:

  • Skill Builder - obedience practice and polishing, exploring different training modalities
  • Social Skills - safe and appropriate social skill building and off leash socialization
  • Real World Practice - field trips with a focus on use of training in real life situations