Private Training

Private training is appropriate for dog owners who need flexible scheduling or who prefer more intensive guidance than we are able to provide in a group class setting. These programs teach the committed DIYer how to create behavior that they desire, and curtail behavior that is undesirable, unsafe, or anti-social. Using this information, owners can craft their own successful training programs to work towards any goal they have with their dog. Additional sessions provide time for customized solutions to address specific behavioral concerns, train specific obedience skills, or to instruct owners how to live more intentionally with their companions. 



In four 60 minute private lessons, owners will learn/complete:

  • Three keys to success that ALL successful training programs have in common
  • Intelligent, tactful, and effective ways to use punishment and reinforcement to create desirable behavior and curtail undesirable behavior
  • Options for training tools to get better results in less time
  • Our three step process for reliably and effectively teaching any skill to your dog



In eight 60 minute private lessons, owners will learn/complete:

  • Everything covered in Fundamentals
  • Specific tactics for applying concepts from Fundamentals to resolving minor behavioral concerns and/or teaching 1 - 3 obedience skills
  • A training plan for reaching those goals, customized to your dog for maximum effectiveness
  • Free enrollment in one group class upon completion of private training



In twelve 60 minute private lessons, owners will learn/complete:

  • Everything covered in Fundamentals and Applications
  • Complete basic obedience training (sit, down, stay, heeling, recall), reliable under distraction
  • Off leash reliable training through the use of the electronic collar OR
  • Addressing more severe behavioral concerns
  • Free enrollment in all standard group classes upon completion of private training
  • $100 credit toward drop in classes

In home training

Our in-home, seminar style training is helpful for owners who have problems specific to the home environment or who prefer not to travel for training. Extended in home training programs are available. Please set up a phone consult with your trainer to discuss additional options.



Get all of the benefits of our Fundamentals private lesson program right in your living room! In this 2 - 3 hour seminar style crash course, we'll cover all the same content outlined in our Fundamentals program. We'll also show you how to implement those concepts to address behavioral concerns in your home and around your neighborhood and leave you with a plan of action to continue seeing progress.

Follow Up Lessons


Some clients like us to come out from time to time for a "tune up" or to teach additional skills. Hourly follow up lessons are available after completion of an initial consultation.

Board and Train

Board and train programs provide your dog with an environment of 'round the clock learning. Your dog will live in a home environment (not a big, loud kennel) and have multiple daily training and socialization sessions to achieve behavioral goals. Upon completion of the residential portion of the training program, your trainer will teach you how to use and maintain the training that has been completed. 


$500 - $700

Board and train programs vary greatly in scope, duration, and follow up based on client needs. Set up a phone consultation in order to discuss goals with your trainer.

Group Classes

Our group classes are held in public locations so that we work on teaching skills and socializing our dogs to common situations at the same time. After all, if our training only works in a sterile environment, it doesn't really work! You will receive the same quality instruction as private lesson and board and train clients, but the onus is on you to be able to complete training homework, and apply training skills intelligently throughout your life with your companion. Our group classes break training down into manageable chunks and move at an appropriate pace to help assure that everyone is able to be successful. We do not turn any dogs away, regardless of behavioral problems, provided owners are able to safely handle them. We will at time, however, recommend other training options as a starting point for dogs and handlers who have trouble in the group class environment.

Citizen Canine


Our introductory group class teaches basic obedience skills and utilizes them to help dog/handler teams pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. This class also covers important discussion of key dog training concepts: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, effective motivation, escape/avoidance training, and dog body language. Six weekly one hour sessions. Required equipment included. 

Community Canine


This class provides additional instruction on the proofing process: helping your dog become more reliable around distractions. We utilize proofing concepts to help dog/handler teams increase the reliability of their training in order to pass the advanced AKC Canine Good Citizen Tests: Community Canine and/or Urban Canine. Four weekly one hour sessions. Pre-requisite: Successful completion of our Citizen Canine course.

Companion Canine


Our advanced group class extends the reliability of the work taught in the first two classes of our group class series. Handlers will condition their dogs to electronic collars and utilize the tool reinforce obedience and enhance the proofing process. Our goal in this class is to achieve reliable behavior even off leash around high levels of distraction. New directed movement skills are taught to enhance off leash control. Six weekly one hour sessions. Electronic collar included. Pre-requisite: Successful completion of our Community Canine course.

Drop In Classes

$15 (multi-session discounts available)

For clients who have completed a standard training program with us, and who meet the AKC Canine Good Citizen standard as a minimum, we offer a number of continuing education drop in classes:

Skill Builder classes introduce clients to various training tools and modalities, provide a place to practice trained skills, and to work through various behavior problems.

Real World Practice sessions get clients out and about with the support of their instructor to tackle various public access scenarios and field trips.

Social Skills sessions help dogs who are lacking in social skills learn appropriate behavior or build confidence around other dogs and people.


Price varies

Elective classes are offered throughout the year and cover a variety of topics.