Adult Dog Training Programs

Our adult dog training programs are unique in that they follow a systematic curriculum that is easy to follow, while allowing for flexibility to fine tune training to each individual dog. In addition to in-person training, each client benefits from a variety of additional resources:

  • Online written and video training guides

  • Access to your trainers through a private, clients-only Facebook group

  • Online coaching between in-person lessons

In Home Behavior Consultations

Starting at $500

Our 2 - 3 hour initial consultation provides owners with important fundamental information about dog behavior and learning, the role that your behavior and the environment play in your dog's behavior, and appropriate application of science based training principles. You will receive an email with important homework to complete prior to the consultation so that we can hit the ground running when we meet. We let you in on the secrets that cause most dog training programs (and most dog trainers!) to be ineffective. And finally, we show you how to apply all of the information to your dog and the problems you are experiencing. We show you that it works, in real time. 

Utilizing this information we are able to help dog owners create solutions to resolve all manner of behavioral concerns, often in the first session. Your consistent use of this information is key to your success. We’ll schedule a one hour follow up in-home session 2 - 4 weeks from the initial consultation to make sure that you remain successful and to address additional issues or concerns that require more time to resolve.

Obedience Foundation

Starting at $300

This six lesson program is suitable for motivated dog owners who are interested in teaching their dog how to be easy to live with, and who would like to offer their dogs the gift of freedom that only a well trained dog can experience!

We utilize the United Kennel Club SPOT (Socialized Pet Obedience Test) exam as our graduation criteria. We do this so you know exactly what level of training you can expect in our introductory program, and also to show that our training works with every dog regardless of breed, size, temperament, or behavioral issue by proving we can train any do to this independent, third party standard.

Clients who pass the graduation exam for this class are invited to continue training in any of our advanced training classes.

Private lessons are a good choice for new clients who need assistance with addressing behavioral concerns that impede their ability to safely and comfortably participate in group classes. Private lessons are the required starting point for dogs who exhibit human aggression. Private lesson clients pay the group class fee upfront and then may schedule private lessons a la carte ($100/hr) or prepay for six sessions ($75/hr)

We guarantee results (free re-enrollment in group class if you need more help to pass the graduation exam). Turning in homework assignments in a timely fashion is required. Required equipment and the graduation exam fee are included in the program fee.