Commands & Static Behaviors

Commands We Use

Commands are used to tell the dog to do something. This is the standard list of commands that we use. 

  • Name - stop, look, listen
  • Here - come towards me and sit directly in front of me looking me in the face
  • Heel - walk on a loose leash with your head in line with my leg
  • Sit - sit with your backside firmly on the ground
  • Down - lay down with your elbows and belly touching the ground
  • Kennel - climb on or in and object
  • Wait - a 'casual' stay used at doorways, meal time, games
  • OK - you're done with the task
  • Leave It - ignore something and do not make contact with it
  • Out - stop making contact with something/drop it
  • Off - four paws on the floor
  • Quiet - be quiet

Static Behaviors - Sit Down Stand

Depending on the age of your puppy we may introduce these behaviors slightly differently. Here are some ways we introduce the puppy to them:


Luring w/Molding


Commands To Correct Behaviors

Why Dogs Misbehave: The Naughty Dogge (7/26/16)

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