A Different Kind of Training Company

A few months ago I began thinking about starting a new training company. Having spent the last four years training dogs, working with and learning from a number of trainers, I felt that there was one thing missing from many training offerings: an all encompassing training program that focuses on the end result, not a pre-set number of sessions. Most of the time, you pay for a specific number of sessions, and once the scheduled training is over, it's over. There is little follow up from the trainer, and if for some reason you and your dog worked really hard but didn't quite get where you wanted to be, what happens then? You have to pay, again, to get more time and practice.

Well I don't think that is how training should happen. I think if you pay for a class or a training program, you should get to continue working until you meet the goals that you had at the beginning of that program.  With this in mind, I created Baltimore Dogworks, and included options for unlimited sessions to meet program goals in each of the programs. What does this mean? It means that if we need some extra time together to meet your goals you won't be nickel and dimed for it.  And once you're done with your core training, we have maintenance options that are so inexpensive, while providing so much value, that they're hard to turn down. And if you do just want to address a few minor things, we can do that too.

I do hope that you will join us and allow us to help you with your dog.  As long as you are committed to them, Baltimore Dogworks is committed to you.