If You Aren't Using This Stuff... You Should Be! (Part Two)

Back in August we did a post about dog related products that we use and recommend here at Baltimore Dogworks. As with the last post, I don't get any affiliate marketing credit for this stuff or anything like that. I just want to share good stuff with you good people! You can click on any picture to be taken to an external site where you can purchase the item.  

Lil' Grooma

The Lil' Grooma is technically a horse grooming product, but it works amazingly well on short coated dogs to remove dead hair and redistribute skin and coat oils. They also seem to really love the massage that the rubber nubs provide. I use this tool while washing my two short coated dogs and it builds lather nicely and removes a bunch of hair during the bath which means less brushing after they dry. As with most of the cool stuff I find out about, this was a recommendation from Linda Kaim of Lionheart K9.

Hair Shaper

If you've got a dog that has has "oodle" or "doodle" in the breed name, you probably have to deal with matted hair from time to time. The quick and dirty way to get rid of them is to cut them out, but if you got a dog with one of those nice fluffy coats, we should probably try not to leave bald patches all through it! The hair shaper is basically a straight razor with a comb that keeps it away from the skin. While there isn't enough space to give a thorough description of how to use it, essentially, you comb the mat out taking as little of the hair with you as possible, until you can run a regular brush/comb through the area.

Airline Style Crate

Plastic airline style crates are fantastic for a few reasons: for many dogs they seem to feel more den-like, they contain hair better, and also better contain, ahem, bodily fluids in the event that your puppy has an accident (read: you didn't get home in time, or managed to sleep through the whining at 2am). They have the added benefit of coming apart and being able to be used as an elevated training/grooming table. Try clipping nails or teaching downs to 10 dogs a day where you have to bend over constantly and you'll thank me for not having to kneel on the ground or bend over so much.

Impact Case and Container Aluminum Kennels

Whenever we take in a dog or human aggressive dog, I have a responsibility to keep my family safe. The only kennel that I trust in those situations is the aluminum kennel from ICC. These kennels come in two options, a standard and a portable folding model. Both are made from heavy gauge aluminum, have full piano hinges, protective rails that strengthen the crate, marine grade slam latches, and the ability to pad lock or carabiner the door closed as an added measure of protection. This crate would be a good option for any escape artist. People will probably balk at the price of these crates. Then their dog will get out, do a few thousand dollars worth of damage to the house... $500 doesn't sound so bad then, does it? 

Ikea Karlstad

I read somewhere online about the durability of this model of sectional from IKEA so I made the trek to the store and tried it out, and left with sofa/loveseat/chaise combo deal. About a year in, with plenty of dogs on the couch, and it's held up just fine. The covers (not just cushion covers, the frame covers too) are removable and machine washable. We chose the "sivik dark grey", almost a denim type of material, and it's proven very durable. Another plus... it's really comfortable and has a deep seating area, so it's wide enough for me and fat-head Marc (the big blue guy presently gracing the homepage of this website) to take naps together. Lastly, those same removable covers are available to purchase separately. So in the event that one does get damaged, you don't have to replace the whole couch to have it looking good again.